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Ramous maintenance program 

What is a CMMS? 

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Predictive Maintenance or maintenance tracking software systems are now a necessary

part of managing and controlling assets, plant and equipment maintenance in modern manufacturing, facilities and service industries. Often perceived to be no more than a fancy means of scheduling preventative maintenance work they are capable of much more than this. Maintenance tracking is very important in most organizations and this section of the site provides you with information on this as well as a comprehensive description of the important functions that are available. 


Product Software Features: 

Schedule Maintenance: Regular and recurring preventive maintenance, along with "non routine" (emergency) maintenance, can be scheduled quickly and easily. Simply enter routine preventive maintenance needed for each piece of equipment and its schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). RAMOUS CMMS maintenance software automatically schedules the preventive maintenance on an ongoing basis. Preference settings allow you to choose to skip or include weekend days and holidays. If a scheduled maintenance is not performed on the day it is calendared, the reason can be noted and when the work is actually done, RAMOUS CMMS maintenance software automatically reschedules the subsequent maintenance days.

Track Equipment: Any type of equipment can be tracked by class, section, and individual equipment serial number or identifier. Equipment maintenance scheduling or fleet maintenance scheduling can be set up by calendar time (days, weeks, months, etc.). Multiple reports are available, including equipment maintenance history (what was done and when, costs, and who did the work). Users can "sign off" completed preventive maintenance electronically, or a printed form can be produced by RAMOUS CMMS maintenance software for signature by whoever did the actual work.

Complete Inventory Control and Tracking: A full inventory control module is included with RAMOUS. This complete inventory control module can be used, or not, at your discretion. When you initially set up RAMOUS, you can set preferences to use the complete inventory module, or inventory pricing only. You can also set preferences to not use the inventory module at all in your ongoing maintenance activities. When RAMOUS inventory’s module is set to track pricing only, RAMOUS computes your maintenance materials costs; both your cost and, at your option, a retail price for your customers. When RAMOUS is set to use the full inventory module, you have at your command a full featured, complete inventory control section. Included in its many features are the capabilities to deduct maintenance materials from inventory when work orders are issued, issue Po’s and Requests for Bids, track materials costs and retail pricing, list and track all vendors, and to allow users to set minimum and maximum levels of inventory of specific items to have on hand. When inventory levels run low, RAMOUS inventory module alerts operators to reorder, and then tracks all materials ordered against Po’s issued.

Maintenance Work Orders: RAMOUS CMMS preventive maintenance software will produce a work order for all preventive maintenance; both scheduled and unscheduled (emergency maintenance). Work orders can contain step by step instructions on how to perform specific preventative maintenance tasks, along with a required parts and materials list. Work orders may be printed, and when printed, each work order has a signature line for the person performing the work to sign, thereby confirming the work has been completed in accordance with work order specifications. Work orders can be assigned to specific personnel or, if appropriate, outside vendors and then batch printed.

Required Parts and Materials: At any time, RAMOUS CMMS allows users to list all parts and materials needed for individual preventive maintenance procedures, and subsequently have them print out on individual work orders.

Vendors: If your company performs maintenance work for outside customers, or if your firm has outside vendors perform some or all of your maintenance work, RAMOUS allows you to enter complete customer and vendor information. Moreover, customer or vendor information, including address information, can appear on designated work orders.

Full Reports: RAMOUS CMMS provides numerous reports, including a number of "date range" reports. Included among them are complete equipment’s lists, maintenance due reports, scheduled maintenance calendar reports, maintenance history reports inventory reports and many others.

External Documents:

Attach the record to documents outside RAMOUS. Once attached, you can view, Modify, and print the documents from this tab.
RAMOUS applications have the Attached Documents Tab. Use this tab to Create and maintain attachments between RAMOUS application records and Documents. Attachments point to one or more documents that reside in an Electronic library. You can attach many types of information to a record, including text files, images, Spreadsheets and Web pages. You can also send these documents by mail. 

RAMOUS Main Screen:

 After you log on successfully RAMOUS CMMS system will move you to Main Screen

What is the Main Screen?
Main Screen is the physical container which showing you all modules& the name of user& project code or site and the description of project& Store Code and description of store & work flow list& Sign out &about KPI Graphs


RAMOUS Modules and Applications:

 RAMOUS consists of several modules that contain applications with related functionality. These modules are organized to fit most business models. RAMOUS includes the following modules:

Work Orders, PM (Preventive Maintenance), Inventory, Purchasing, Equipment, Locations, Employees, Setup, Administration, and Reports




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