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Central AirConditioning Contractor HVAC
ANAQA| Central Air Conditioning Projects
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ANAQA| Central Air Conditioning Projects
What we do?
ANAQA-Central Air Conditioning
Contractor. Specialize to implement in Central air-conditioning contracting is
one of the distinct institutions in the air-conditioning field in all Saudi
areas, has long experiences to supply, installation HVAC Systems including:
1.Electro Mechanical Construction
2.Electro Mechanical Maintenance
Contracting & Services.
3.Trading & Electro Mechanical
products and associated materials.
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Systems    #Roof Top Packaged Units     #Fan Coil Units #Condensing Units  #Humidifiers     #Dehumidifiers     #Absorption Chillers (CHP plants)    #Air Distribution Equipment     #PV Solar
has a fully automated fabrication
facility to build your #Ductwork   
#Plenums and Drain pans for new construction, #renovation air
conditioner, #replacement or repair air conditioner.
Our Way of working…
Our HVAC Techs are licensed, trained and
experienced. We service all brands and models of equipment. We can handle any
of your Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning needs. The integration of
experience and skill with up-to-date tools and technology to lasting working
relationships with its customers through its commitment with the highest levels
of quality and special services in addition to meeting the needs of its
customers in the best ways through its knowledge and international experience in
central air-conditioning field
Our Aim
Aim continuously strives to be the best
in the business of anticipating and meeting clients' needs.

. Service and maintenance division
provides scheduled maintenance, repair, retrofits, upgrades, system revisions and
emergency services all handled by competent staff and trained technicians.
Anaqa | central Air Conditioning

. Believes the best way to provide a safe

site and a quality product is through an educated work
force. That is why

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